On Location: Anderson Japanese Gardens

If you follow my adventures and post then you know that the previous post was my Flickr Friday upload, the inaugural post of Project 116*3. WHERE this was should ring some bells for those who’ve followed me for a while now as it was a return to a beautiful garden just a hop, skip, and jump from where I live. Anderson’s Japanese Garden is a relaxing arboretum and the site of the previous photo project C M Y K’s (M)agenta Forest. This was less a revisit to project C M Y K and more to show my in-laws this garden on their anniversary. I knew i wanted to get a shot of them on their 40th anniversary, but it hit me like a bolt of lightning to get it in front of the waterfall I captured with (M)agenta Forest. I chose a sweeter picture for Project 116*3 but it wouldn’t be my Mother and Father In-Law if there wasn’t a goofier photo of them as well. Last thing worth mentioning, the presets I used for some of these photos to add mood are part of an Adobe Lightroom preset pack I made. Available on the store, these presets are a reflection of Springtime in 2019. It’s been on sale for a bit now, and with Spring coming to a close so will the sale come June 1st. Food for thought for you little shutterbugs out there with Adobe Lightroom. At any rate, thanks for stopping by, enjoy the photos below, and see you all tomorrow for another Flickr Friday upload as Project116*3 trucks on down the road…


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